We believe education is key to understanding, supporting, and generating awareness of the mental health issues millions of people face today. We offer three scholarships to spread our message further.

Down Arrow


The Quell Foundation Survivor Scholarship is awarded to select high school seniors or current undergraduate/graduate students who have experienced the devastating loss of a parent, caregiver or sibling to suicide. The award was established by The Quell Foundation Irene Pasierb Memorial Fund. This scholarship is a means to educate communities and individuals about the disparities in care of vulnerable and stigmatized populations with a mental health illness, as well as effective treatment protocols.


The Quell Foundation Fighter Scholarship is awarded to a select high school senior or a current undergraduate/graduate student that is being treated for a diagnosed mental health condition. The Quell Foundation Awareness Fund established the award as a means to improve the care and treatment of people with mental health illness.

Bridge the Gap

The Quell Foundation Bridge the Gap Scholarship is awarded to juniors and seniors in college, or graduate students. The recipients of this scholarship are pursuing a degree in psychology, social work, or other field of study related to the provision of mental health services. The award was established to fulfill The Quell Foundation’s mission: to increase the talent pipeline through scholarship awards to students entering the mental healthcare profession, expand the delivery of needed mental health care services, and promote reformation to extend the scope of clinical, behavioral health professional services.